How to save a WhatsApp account through Chatsup?

Many users would want to send WhatsApp bulk messages through different accounts/numbers from Chatsup software. check it out WhatsApp Marketing Software & SMS Pricing Plans

So, here are the steps of how to save a WhatsApp account on Chatsup Software below:

Step 1:

Open Chatsup.exe and enter your credentials with which you have purchased the plan.

Step 2:

After logging in click on Accounts>>Manage Accounts.

Account manage


Step 3:

  • Then Fist Enter the Account name here. Please note that your account name should be only alphabets and numbers. Do not add special characters or space.
  • After entering your name click on OK.  

manage account


Step 4:

  • When you click on OK, the software will guide you to this window where Chrome will run automatically.
  • Scan the WhatsApp web with the number with which you want to send messages.

whatsapp QR code

Step 6:

  • After Scanning the Chrome will be closed automatically and you’ll be directed back to Chatsup Software. Here you’ll see the message “Account has been added successfully”.
  • Click on OK.

Account Add


Step 7:

  • The accounts you have added will be shown in Accounts>>Manage Accounts.
  • You can add multiple WhatsApp accounts to the software. But you can send messages from only one account.
  • To add another account go to Accounts>>Manage Accounts and click on Add.
  • While sending the message click on the account with which you want to send the message.

account added