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Free browser extension to send WhatsApp messages in bulk automatically.

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Reach 100’s of customers instantly via the Smartest WhatsApp Chrome Extension

With our WhatsApp sender Chrome extension, you can effortlessly send personalized broadcast messages using Excel, share images with captions, and engage with Call-to-action button replies. This bulk WhatsApp extension for Chrome also includes an anti-blocking feature, allows sending messages without saving numbers, and offers many more advanced functionalities!

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Last updated on 17 June 2022
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WhatsApp Messanger

Whatsapp Bulk Message Chrome Extension

If you're looking to streamline your messaging strategy on WhatsApp, consider exploring tools that cater to your needs.Chatsup provides one such option worth considering which is a WhatsApp bulk message sender free chrome extension, which provides a convenient and efficient way to send messages in bulk.

Furthermore, it's worth considering the various opportunities presented by a WhatsApp bulk message sender software free download with crack. This resource can significantly improve your messaging capabilities and simplify the entire process. In addition, you might want to delve into the benefits of utilizing a WhatsApp bulk message sender free Chrome extension. This innovative extension, designed specifically for WhatsApp, can be a game-changer in enhancing your communication strategy. Whether you're looking for a WhatsApp extension for Chrome or a dedicated Chrome extension for WhatsApp bulk message sending, this versatile tool is likely to meet your requirements effectively.

For those who prefer the simplicity of browser extensions, a WhatsApp bulk message sender chrome extension is a valuable asset and chatsup has provides that as well. This tool integrates seamlessly with your Chrome browser, allowing you to manage and send messages in bulk effortlessly.

Furthermore, if you're specifically seeking a Chrome extension tailored for sending bulk messages on WhatsApp, you might find what you need with a WhatsApp extension for Chrome for bulk messages by Chatsup. By using these tools into your messaging arsenal, you can enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in reaching out to a broader audience on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Features

Send Video, Images & with Action Buttons

Craft an eye catching message that your customer’s can resist. To add to the flavor of your marketing efforts using our Whatsapp bulk message extension chrome, you can now send


Fetch Group Contacts Instantly

You can fetch group contacts instantly with just a few clicks with no extra effort. All you need to do is open ‘WhatsApp Web’ and click on the group whose contact you wish to export. Now, open on the extension and click on ‘Grab Group Contacts’. That’s it!

Avoid Getting Blocked

We have set up an anti blocking feature using which you can time the interval between two messages using our Whatsapp bulk sender software. This helps you in controlling the number of messages over a short span of time and helps you in not getting your number blocked!

Attract Customers like Magnets

Send as many WhatsApp bulk messages as you want to your customers using this bulk WhatsApp Sender. You can use this extension to send multiple WhatsApp messages at once without having to save the phone numbers. For WhatsApp bulk sender software, this lead magnet is the best WhatsApp marketing extension for every business owner.

We are Compatible

Good news! Our Whatsapp bulk chrome extension is compatible with your Windows Desktop & Mac! Chatsup is the most popular bulk WhatsApp sender software of 2022. Using WhatsApp Marketing Software to send personalized messages to your customers is the only way to grow your online business. All in all, we are a great match!

How to use WhatsApp bulk message sender Chrome extension?

Step 1
Download Bulk WhatsApp Sender Extension
Install Whatsapp Marketing Extension
Pin the Extension
Step 2
Click on the extension icon and pin
Click on the extension icon, and a small window will open.
Step 3
Scan whatsapp web with the account for send a message.
Scan with the account you want to send a message.
Step 4
Once the WhatsApp account is logged in You can send messages

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Chrome Extension Pricing

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  • 5 messages at a time
  • 5 Contacts Import at a time
  • Speed Settings
  • Easily Grab Group Contacts
  • Send Images, Videos, & Documents


  • Unlimited message at a time
  • Unlimited Contact
  • No Speed Settings
  • Easily Grab Group Contacts
  • Send Images, Videos, & Documents


  • Unlimited message at a time
  • Unlimited Contact
  • Speed Settings
  • Easily Grab Group Contacts
  • Send Images, Videos, & Documents

What our clients say about us

Daniel Bryan

Being in the textile business, it’s very important to keep in touch with vendors and customers. Most importantly, keeping them updated about the latest arrivals, sales, and other important events on the platform is what drives our business. I have tried many options before but I must say, Chatsup WhatsApp bulk chrome extension wins it for me. The ease of use, simplicity, and instant message delivery has increased my sales by 64% in the last quarter. I am looking forward to more such products by chatsup.

James Morgan

The bulk WhatsApp sender chrome extension is a life save for sure!! I was just scrolling through the chrome store when I found out chatsup chrome extension and I’ve been using it ever since. Sending messages to groups has never been easier. A special shoutout to the feature that allows you to fetch group contacts easily. Highly recommended for any business owner.

Cherry Williams

I own a chain of bakery outlets in the States and it’s very important to keep my customers updated about the new menus that I stock. This is when a friend recommended the WhatsApp bulk message chrome extension by Chatsup. Now, I can easily create my menu and just drop that PDF with action buttons to my customers. The influx of orders lately has been overwhelming. All thanks to Chatsup chrome extension, it was a game-changer.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing FAQ's

How WhatsApp Can Help in Business Promotion?
WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging platform. It enables users to engage in one-to-one personal communication with friends and relatives. With billions of registered users and millions of daily active users, Whatsapp can be a great tool to engage in marketing activities. Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesn’t allow commercial use of the platform in any manner. That means you can’t use regular whatsapp to send unsolicited or bulk sales and marketing promotions. You can instead use WhatsApp business for bulk marketing purposes under set guidelines from the platform. This is an official business app from WhatsApp for marketers.
How many messages can I send in one day?
You can send unlimited messages via our bulk WhatsApp sender in one day. We do not impose any limits on these numbers. However, we strongly recommend you avoid spamming since it will lead you to get blocked by WhatsApp. This software is only intended for personal or official business use, not for bulk messaging.
Why should we use WhatsApp™ over other mediums?
When compared to SMS and email, WhatsApp is thought to be more 'conversational in nature, more fluid, and natural.' In most chat apps, the communication style is relaxed and straightforward. Some of the study's participants even claimed that WhatsApp is similar to talking to someone in person.
What Are the limitations of the free version?
You can send only up to 5 messages in the free version of our WhatsApp bulk message sender. However, the free version offers all the functionalities that the paid version offers. If you wish to send unlimited messages, we recommend you upgrade to our paid version.

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