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Chatsup is your one-stop destination for WhatsApp marketing.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Desktop

Chatsup’s WhatsApp Marketing Software allows you to send messages to your 1000s of customers. Our Chatsup Software also allows you to send messages with images, videos, PDF & documents.

Download setup file first. Only if you face problem with setup, then download the zip file.

Note : In the trial version, you can send messages to up to 5 contacts only.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Chrome Extension

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Chrome Extension connect with your customers through this amazing bulk WhatsApp Sender & send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages.This extension allows you to send Bulk WhatsApp Messages without saving numbers for different use-case purposes.

If you’re reading this then you’re most probably trying to download a FREE Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software. Our WhatsApp marketing software truly enables small & medium businesses to send a bulk number of text, images, PDF and Video messages to a large number of users with a single click. And know what - we provide a completely free whatsapp marketing software for lifetime too.

Top Reasons to Download Our Free WhatsApp Marketing Tool Software

This FREE WhatsApp bulk messages sender pro software is compatible with all the versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11. With 40,000+ users, rest assured that you'll be in a good company.

1: Try First Buy Later

Get access to all our features in our free download bulk WhatsApp software version and experience the feel of our software before you ACTUALLY purchase it. No strings attached - none at all. You can - import numbers, use turbo fast mode to send messages to your customers, Send images, PDFs, Videos, and much more.

2: Learn Now Use Later

Our is one of the most simple-to-use software with a very clear User Interface. Use our free version to understand how the software works & get a complete hands-on experience of the software. Try sending a few messages and learn how numbers are imported.

3: None of Our Competitors Are Giving a Free Download

Do you know why none of our competitors are giving a free download? It is because their software is actually not working. A majority of the free WhatsApp Marketing Software available in the software are not working or stops working after some time because they are not able to provide regular updates. The developers of regularly changes it and we are the only company to keep pace with it.

4: Quick and Easy Download

We don't ask for your email and spam you with unnecessary messages. Just click on the Download Demo button, and start using the FREE WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender with a single click. It’s that SIMPLE!

5: Trusted By 40,000+ Businesses

In the last 2 years, Chatsup’s Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Sender software was downloaded more than 40,000 times! We have built ourselves bit by bit based on a pyramid of feedback received by our customers. Chatsup’s Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Sender software is not just a tool, it’s a godsent SOLUTION!

  • We Offer Complete Source Code of Whatsapp Marketing Software

    Get a complete encrypted source code for WhatsApp marketing software with our enterprise plan with a lifetime validity! Our code is written in VB.Net, and it uses Selenium in Chrome to automate the sending process.
  • Why Use Our WhatsApp Marketing Software Open Source

    Every few days, WhatsApp changes its user interface. As a result, all bulk WhatsApp marketing software's open source stops working.

    We have an in-house team of developers that offers regular updates. You can continue using our software without any disruption & get the updated source code too.

    And don't worry, we won't charge extra for updates. It's FREE!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Download the Whatsapp Marketing Crack Version

    Although WhatsApp marketing software crack version is easily available on the internet, it exposes you to several malicious activities. It might seem like an economically feasible solution, but you risk giving access to your personal information related to bank and social accounts to hackers. You should always buy from the original developer to avoid any damage to your PC.

    There are many websites that provide you with nulled WhatsApp Marketing Software. You should avoid these websites too as they are spammy and provides you link to software that put your PC at risk. Always buy software from original developer like Chatsup.

So what are you waiting for?


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