A Beginner’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

In today’s fast pacing world where everything is all about WhatsApp and Google, even then WhatsApp is the least expected choice of a marketer. Last officially reported statistics claims that WhatsApp has acquired 1.5 billion active users across 182 countries which undoubtedly are huge.

The common mindset that prevails with WhatsApp is that it serves as a platform for better connectivity with people, friends, and family. But the thing that we generally miss out is, its capability to reach out to a larger number of people at the same time, which can in a way be proved as a gemstone in the long run.

Reach and power of WhatsApp

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most importantly used messaging app, as compared to others on the social media platform.

The most important feature that it offers is its larger user base and of course the level of intimacy it offers.

The basic reason behind this could be that until recently it has stayed away from the digital marketing world. And since WhatsApp has a larger ‘loyal’ user base.

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WhatsApp Marketing could provide a new arena for digital marketing.  WhatsApp SMS service can be used in three common ways:

  • One-on-one chats

Unlike since the mobility of telephones came into being while making connections with people, it involved text messages other than the telephonic conversation that included tariffs. But ever since WhatsApp got introduced, it gave much easier connectivity to people without paying off anything. It also gave access to WhatsApp voice calling, video calling, instant messages, recorded voice messages, images.

  • Broadcast Messages

Using broadcast a user can send a message to 256 people at the same time. And on the recipient’s end, it will be received as a normalized one-on-one Click to chat, until when the sender’s contact number is updated in the recipient’s phone book.

  • WhatsApp Groups

The pleasure of talking to friends or family on a conference call is unmatchable. Same way, WhatsApp provides its users with a facility of group messaging where we can connect to 256 people at one go. This also provided us with text, recorded and picture messages.

Why WhatsApp Marketing is considered an effective marketing tool today..??

Ever since WhatsApp gained its large user base, the term WhatsApp Marketing came into limelight. Without ignoring the figure 1.5 billion monthly active users, another thing that strikes our brain is the market penetration it could have. This is the reason why WhatsApp launched its Business Feature mode around two years ago.

Some of the reasons to include WhatsApp marketing as a key feature to enhance your business are mentioned below:

Most of your customers are already on WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp has become a platform for better connectivity and instant messaging app, it is but obvious that most of the customers might be on WhatsApp. It, therefore, requires less than a fraction of second to reach out to them and know their requirements and satisfaction ratio.

Customer’s engagement on WhatsApp

When we compare WhatsApp to other Social networking platforms we can find that most of the messages sent every day are read in and about 98% case which means they spent a lot of time texting and reading the texts. Statistics reveal that 90% of the messages are read within 3 seconds from the message being sent.

On comparing it to other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Emails, etc. WhatsApp has made its way lot ahead of them, and that too, long ago. Following its path, if businesses could be managed on WhatsApp, it could prove as a milestone success for the brands to head for.

Content sharing through dark social

Nowadays a lot of media content is shared through platforms that can claim for its security, where WhatsApp is the leading one. Around 84% of content sharing takes place on dark social media instead of public social media.

So even though, if you are not channelizing your brand to customers through WhatsApp Marketing, your brand is getting known to the people using such platforms. But, the feature allows better control of things that needs to be monitored by you.

Chat-Based service for customers

In a survey, conducted for service providing through messages, a thing that strangely came up was that around 67% of the people who responded, clarified that they use chats for communicating regarding the business they are connected with. And most unexpectedly around 54% of people want to have business with those whom they can connect to easily on platforms that are used for instant messaging.

WhatsApp Marketing tips and techniques

Jan Koum (Co-founder WhatsApp) wrote a description that is featured on WhatsApp homepage “Why We Don’t Sell Ads”. By that, he means there is no branding profile on WhatsApp. What he actually means is that, if you want your audience to know about your brand, you yourself need to approach them. As he believes, the user himself is the product.

Thereby, blurring the connectivity between corporate user and brands wherein, smart advertisers view this as a cashable opportunity for branding products through WhatsApp Marketing.

Better ways to optimize WhatsApp are:

Personalized Direct Message

Since WhatsApp has maintained its level of intimacy at every particular time, a direct personalized message can be beneficial for a brand, keeping in mind the loyalty of a large user base. Unlike other social platforms, it will provide instant reaction and attention from the user’s end.

Broadcast Lists

WhatsApp Marketing can be done easily to approach people with different tastes, requirements through broadcast messages. Since it can be sent to 256 people in one go it’s much easier to separate people based on their tastes and requirements. It only requires creating several lists, then blasts one-way communication, more like the way we do on Twitter, by adding links or invitations for better customer retention.

Group Chat Advantage

This can be used to reach out to all your customers altogether, doesn’t matter what their tastes and preferences are, also involving responses from them. It’s the best source to interact with customers and conducting focused groups or performing market studies prior to product launch.

Customer Support to A New Level

A business strategy always involves the satisfaction of services provided instantly to customers. This is where WhatsApp Marketing Software and bulk SMS software come back into the picture. It involves a quicker approach to a larger number of customers, intimidating their requirement level, taste. One way to do so is through the software Whatso.

Have a look at the facilities it provides in the below-shown image:

write message

Offers and Promotions

In today’s world, all that a customer keeps a track of, are the benefits it gains from using a particular brand. And, undoubtedly, the offers it gives to attract its customers. But, not much surprise, a hurdle that comes in the way of saturated satisfaction of customers is reaching different people with different tastes that can be incorporated at the same time. Prior to the launch of customer service software, it seemed to be a difficult task. But, as of now, with the launch of software like Whatso, SMS marketing and Whatsapp documentation it gives wonderful loyal customer support, wherein, your customers can reach you whenever they want.

Here’s a look into the video that can clarify all your queries:

Obviously, before diving-in, one needs to be familiar with the customer’s requirements and expectations. So, a better strategy to understand how the platform works with all the marketing channels is a necessary thing to look back upon.


Even after two long years from its innovation, WhatsApp Marketing is still a feature that is least exposed to people, albeit the benefits it offers can be a sky-touching scenario. It banks upon its larger user base on one hand; there, on the other hand, one thing that needs to be taken special care of its level of intimacy that needs to be maintained for any marketing software for the better branding, reputation and customer retention for a product. Needless to say, all these requirements are well supported by Whatso.