How to purchase Chatsup Software?

Hey there, We are Chatsup.

Chatsup helps businesses to connect with their customers through channels like Bulk WhatsApp Marketing & Bulk  SMS Software. It combines best-in-class SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Automation, and reporting in a single software. it provides a simple-to-use marketing automation software so that you can delight your customers with excellent service.

Chatsup is used almost by all category of businesses such as Restaurant, Hotels, Real Estate, Institute, IT Companies, Grocery Shops Beauty Parlours, Big Businesses such as Pharma Companies, Chemical Companies, etc it provides a free demo for download too.

 WhatsApp marketing software price Standard cost starts $25/Year,  Professional cost starts $35 For a Lifetime. and Check out the Complete WhatsApp Marketing Software Documentation.

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So, here are the steps of How to purchase Chatsup Software below:

Let’s Begin!

Step 1

Click on Buy Now to Buy Chatsup Software.


Step 2

  • First, select from USD or INR.
  • Then select the plan that you want to purchase.
  • Then enter your Email Address.
  • And lastly, click on Buy Now or Pay Via PayPal (only for those who have selected USD)

Indian users have to pay 18% GST(will be included while paying).



Step 3

  • When you click on Buy Now, you’ll be directed to this screen.
  • Click from the options to make payment accordingly.

payment option

Step 4

  • After paying you’ll see this screen of the successful transactions.
  • Click on Download now to download Chatsup Software.

payment successful

Step 5

  • Click on Download Software to download Chatsup Software.
  • Click on Download Source Code to download the Source Code of Chatsup Software.
  • NOTE: Only those will be able to download Source Code who have purchased Source Code and White-Label plan. The users who have purchased Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans won’t be able to download Source Code. They can only download Chatsup Software.

whatso dashboard

To download the receipt How to get Receipt on Chatsup?”.

We hope you found this post helpful…

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