How to generate Whitelabel version in Chatsup?

A whitelabel version of Chatusp allows you to resell the Chatsup software with your own company and brand details. You just need to follow the below steps.

After generating the software with the below steps, you can upload it on your own website or Google Drive and can sell it to your customers by creating licenses for them. look out our Pricing Plans

Here it is the simple 7 steps to How to generate Whitelabel?

Step 1:-

Click on the Login option available on the right side.


Step 2:-

Enter registered email details in the login credential:-



Step 3:-

When you click on LOGIN, you’ll see a note in the green line saying “Email Sent. Please check your email. Also, check your spam folder.”  

login panel


Step 4:-

When you open the mail, you’ll see this screen. Please click on the given link.

Step 5:-

As you click on the given link, you’ll be directed to this page. 

Step 6:-

After that, you’ll be directed to this page. Please fill in the required details:

  • Enter your company’s name in Company Name.
  •  Your Website’s URL in Website URL.
  • Enter exe name(you can enter any name from you want as we have Chatsup) in Software (EXE) Name
  • Put your Company’s logo by choosing a file from your computer in Company Logo.
  • After Filling in all these details, click on CREATE WHITE LABEL SOFTWARE to generate your White Label Software.

Step 7:-

After you click on Create Whitelabel button, this popup will appear, where you can download Whitelabel. Now extract the zip file, which is downloaded and you can start using it.

We hope you found this post helpful…

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