How to generate licenses for your Whitelabel customers?

After purchasing the Whitelabel version, you can upload your Whitelabel version to Google Drive or on your server.

You can then sell this Whitelabel to your customers. In order to sell the software to your customers, you need to generate licenses. 

Follow the below process to generate licenses for your customer:

Let’s Begin!

Step 1:

Click on the Login / signup option available on the right side.


Step 2:

Enter registered email details in the login credential:-


Step 3:

When you click on LOGIN, you’ll see a note in the Greenline saying “Email Sent. Please check your email. Also, check your spam folder.”  

login panel


Step 4:

When you open the mail, you’ll see this screen. Please click on the given link.

Step 5:

As you click on the given link, you’ll be directed to the Chatsup dashboard page. Please click on My Orders on left hand side for further process.

Step 6:

After that, you’ll be directed to this page. Then click on GENERATE LICENSE.

Step 7:

After you click on GENERATE LICENSE, you’ll be directed to this screen.

Fill in all the details:

  • Set the Start Date for the email to access the software.
  • Set the End Date. End Date is for when you want to set the last date of the license to use.
  • Please make sure the Start Date and End Date are different to prevent you to have any errors while logging in.
  • Enter License Email and Click on Submit.

Step 8:

You can see all the License Emails that you have saved in the place highlighted in the screenshot. You can also delete the License Email by clicking on Delete icon.

We hope you found this post helpful…